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Born and raised in Manhattan, Robert G. Osborne became a
contemporary art dealer and Director of the Osborne Gallery
on Madison Avenue. Later, working as a private dealer in
19th and 20th century art, he sold art works to private
collectors and museums, concentrating on university study
collections. He retired in the 1980's to return to his original
interest -- making art.
Robert Osborne in his
Athol, Massachusetts
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                              Artist Statement

        I have been intrigued by the work of Robert Ryman - specifically his interest in the
painting's edge, support and ground.
        The concentration on the edge and support in my recent work has led me to
regard the underlayerment of the painting to be of extreme importance. The material
used as ground becomes very obvious in the final results of the painting. The same is
true as I try various treatments on the edge and wall support. Therefore, impasto plays
more of a role than just thick paint. My use of oil pastels (Sennelier) on the surface has
several roles. It can be rubbed, layered, blended and polished (because of the wax
binder). I also heat it with a hair dryer to get a porcelain patina. Dry pigment can be
rubbed into the surface as well.
       Combining the ground topography and pigment treatment hopefully gives an
interesting pictorial experience.
       In addition, I have recently been making Constructivist-influenced sculpture and
three-dimensional objects with an architectural frame of reference.
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